“A delightful book... a glimpse of what enlightened drug education could be.”
Dr. Andrew Weil
Author, founder of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

It’s Just a Plant provides parents of young children with a realistic tool that enables them, through reading together, to open early discussion about marijuana . . . What a refreshing alternative to the outdated options that dominate today’s programs and messages!”
Marsha Rosenbaum, PhD
Founder of the Safety First drug education project

“An outrage.”
Entertainment Weekly

“I highly recommend this little book for students in D.A.R.E., other drug abuse prevention programs, and their teachers and parents. It’s a jewel.”
Ethan Nadelmann
Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance

“...a much, much better idea than it would seem at first glance.”
The SFist

“I do really wish that I had known about this book, and had given a copy to my son, long before I got busted. CNN is not the best way for your kid to find out... it was very hard on him and on my wife who had to explain it. Fortunately I have a genuine medical use for it and the paperwork to match ... it gave her a place to start but the book would have been better by far.”
David Crosby
Musician, Father

“What I’m saying is, to me, a book that promotes to children that it’s adult usage and it’s OK and misrepresents the laws in the United States, advocates changing those laws, says helps you sleep, makes you happy or sleep, that book is killing people.”
Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.)
109th Congress First Session, February 16, 2005

“As controversial as the topic may seem for a kids’ book, [Cortés is] ... right. It’s crucial for parents to be open and educate their kids about marijuana (and any other drugs, really) in a factual, non-judgmental way—especially if parents are using themselves. After all, keeping drugs’ existence a mystery is only going to spark curious kids’ interests further.”

“We’ve all heard the sentiment that the more we keep our kids away from something and paint it as ‘dangerous’ or ‘bad,’ the more likely they are to be interested in whatever that is. The same can be said for conversations like his—if we avoid or brush off any questions relating to marijuana for our kids, they’re going to get the information from somewhere and it just feels a whole lot safer knowing they’re getting the right information from you—or a book like this.”

...and from the parents:

It’s Just a Plant encourages parents to explore the topic and their children’s questions about it, all the while reminding them that trying ‘pot’ is an experience for responsible adults”

Your book is absolutely stupid!! The above is as excerpt from the book. I would call that sentence an oxymoron... Responsible adults do not break the law!!! This is just another cheap attempt for an irresponsible person to make an easy buck at others expense.

A Law Abiding Adult


Thanks so much! I love your book. My son read it twice and said, “Wow! What kind of mom are you?! Giving a kid a book like this?”

I asked him what he thought it was about. His response: “Well, it’s just a plant.”


I am a 39 yr old mom who takes the pot. I have health problems that the pot helps. My husband doesn’t use it and our 11 year old child is very aware of what this entails. We’ve taught our child, for a few years now, about everything from legal issues to the risks and benefits of the plant. We strongly support legalizing the pot and raising the drinking age to 50! But seriously, thanks for showing families that the plant isn’t as taboo as some legislators would like us to think it is.


I’ve been a victim!

I’ve had my car stolen and my home broken into by pot junkies. People get addicted to getting ‘high’ from smoking killer weed (marijuana in Mexican slang) and become desperate to steal whatever they can sell when they get in short supply. When I got my car back from the police it was full of cigar halves stuffed with foreign material aka blunts. It also had spent ammunition on the floor and dashboard because they performed a drive-by as part of their ‘fun’.

My girlfriend’s youngest son has become a weed bag. They only time he has ambition now, is when he is looking for things to steal/sell for his next bag of relaxation.

I have no use for weed junkies at any level. It should be illegal.

Dear ________,

Wow.. it sounds like you’ve had a rough month!

My experience with pot users has been a bit different. I grew up with a grass smoker who started his own multimillion dollar company. I also know a few rabbis who smoke and they wouldn’t harm a fly.

I guess it’s a big world out there and lots of different types of smokers.

best of luck with you,

-Ricardo Cortés
Author/illustrator of It’s Just a Plant